2014 Ford Explorer Police for sale by owner - Austin, TX - craigslist (2024)

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2014 Ford Explorer Police for sale by owner - Austin, TX - craigslist (1)

2014 Ford Explorer Police

VIN: 1FM5K8AR1EGB59079

condition: excellent

cylinders: 6 cylinders

drive: 4wd

fuel: other

odometer: 90000

paint color: black

title status: clean

transmission: automatic

type: SUV

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2014 Ford Interceptor / Explorer cross. Former Police interceptor (with elite police performance / mechanical / safety package & municipal high-grade fleet maintenance/repairs), now modified with luxurious Ford Explorer interior & accessories PLUS bonus extras!!!

This SUV-ATV-Cruiser runs smooth as silk, has awesome safety features AND you can feel the power and performance capabilities @ your command with luxurious interior. Completely customized (see below) in interior but still repairs & services as a fleetline interceptor with Ford published specs.

Clean title. 2014. 90k miles.

Interceptor extras not available to regular consumers:
* All Wheel Drive + Roll-Over prevention / individual wheel-based cornering computer control / real-time monitoring & computer adjustment
* Computer controlled anti-slip system monitors all 4 wheels and delivers power where needs to prevent slipping on sand, snow, wet roads, hills, etc without operator intervention (Explorer has a different system with less features...drove a similar vehicle easily during the worst of the 100% iced roads & snowpocalypse 2021 winter in Austin)
* Pursuit mode 6-speed transmission with advanced acceleration
* Special 3.7L Engine with extra cooling systems not found on regular Explorers/cars.
* Over-sized heavy-duty brakes
* Front air bags, side air bags, seat air bags, passenger knee air bag
* Heavy duty battery, heavy duty suspension, heavy duty shocks, heavy duty alternator, heavy duty power steering
* Dual heavy duty exhaust system
* Police-tinted windows (all but windshield & drivers/passengers front)
* Special switched overhead police task light in central front seating area w/ powerful red or white switched lighting modes (see photos)
* "police interceptor" hard decal on the rear - is removable if it’s not your thing
* Flex Fuel system (regular gas or ethanol)
* Reverse Assist / sensing (beeping) system – parking aid during reverse backup and lighted blind spot assist on rear-view door mirrors

Enhanced Explorer modifications:
* Keyed and keyless key fob entry - comes with 2 keys/key fobs
* Restoration of standard interior Explorer LED courtesy lights that illuminate @ door openings & switchable during operation. These are in addition to the special switched high-powered overhead task dome light.
* Explorer carpeting installed throughout vehicle (front, 2nd row, 3rd row) with floor rubber guard inserts/mats in all seating areas
* Full installation of fold/tumble Explorer 2nd row leather 3-person 60/40 bench seating in excellent condition
* Matching black leather seating & trim throughout car (driver F, passenger F, 2nd row, 3rd row). Both front row black leather power seats
* 2nd row & 3rd row seating fold down in tandem to make great flat plane space for sleeping, camping, or expanded rear hauling/storage - or just tuck 3rd row seats for back storage
* Backup camera installed with full 8.5” projection within front climate/communications modern touchscreen console (see photos)
* Fog lights switchable through upgraded lighting control module for headlights/running lights/fog lights (to L of steering wheel)
* HVAC system - great heat, super cold AC
* Cruise Control
* Regular 17" spare tire
* Tilt Steering wheel
* All tires excellent condition
* 18MPG combined; 16 City / 21 Highway

Additional Special Bonus Accessories / Features / Modifications Beyond Explorer or Interceptor:
* Explorer central floor console with 500Watt switchable built-in power inverter & massive array of power options: 3 x 120V regular plug outlets, 3 x 12V power outlets, 4 USB connections, + multiple cupholders, changeholders, storage, armrest
* Super-bright offroad / camping front-mounted LED 30-inch spotlight bar (switchable through steering wheel “Aux1” thumb button R side of steering wheel)
* Modern Climate/Communications console with 12.” screen (see photos). Touch screen controls for: radio, HVAC system, BT cnxn for mobile phone with voice activation, stereo controls/equalizer, backup cam projection, navigation, optional SIM card slot for dedicated data line for climate/coms system + internet cnxn, numerous apps, etc, etc – really cool modern system what works super-well
* Dual bumper-mounted fog lights switchable through lighting console knob
* Wheel compartment LED courtesy light
* Class III 4000lb towing hitch + receiver + 2" ball; mounted 4-pin elec. Cnxn
* Ford factory OEM roof rails

3 vehicles in 1: This is really:
1) an awesome ATV in disguise - back roads, dirt roads, off roads, up- mountain-road, across-desert roads...the police heavy-duty package under the hood & super-modified extra spotlight bar & hand spotlight are a disguised off-road dream;

2) town SUV - this car cleans up and looks niiiiice going out on the town;

3) high speed cruising / chase highway vehicle - this vehicle was designed for pursuit & highway cruising + performance

"It's got a cop motor, cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks...it's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, a 1/2 pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses...Hit it!!"

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    2014 Ford Explorer Police for sale by owner - Austin, TX - craigslist (2024)


    What is the value of a 2014 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor? ›

    Prices for a used 2014 Ford Utility Police Interceptor currently range from $7,995 to $12,795, with vehicle mileage ranging from 63,421 to 185,502. Find used 2014 Ford Utility Police Interceptor inventory at a TrueCar Certified Dealership near you by entering your zip code and seeing the best matches in your area.

    What is the recall on the 2014 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor? ›

    Ford is issuing a safety recall for approximately 81,000 2014-2015 Ford Explorer and Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicles to replace rear suspension toe links. In certain vehicles, it is possible that the left and right rear suspension toe links could fracture due to poor weld quality.

    What is the difference between a Ford Explorer and a Ford Explorer Police Interceptor? ›

    One of the biggest differences between the civilian Explorer and the Police Interceptor is that the police vehicle has two rows of seats allowing up to 5 passengers, whereas the Explorer has 3 rows of seats that accommodate up to 7 passengers.

    How much horsepower does a 2014 Ford Explorer police interceptor have? ›

    Optional Features
    Drive WheelsAll Wheel Drive (4WD/AWD)
    Engine size3.5L
    Torque (ft-lbs)350
    Engine typeTurbo Gas
    11 more rows

    How many miles will a 2014 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor last? ›

    According to MotorBiscuit.com, the average Ford Explorer can last anywhere from 80,000 miles to 200,000 miles.

    What is the life expectancy of a Ford Explorer Police Interceptor? ›

    “However, we are finding the latest Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility Vehicles have a life expectancy of approximately 80,000 miles before they need extensive or continual repairs or need to be taken out of service altogether.”

    Are police Ford Explorers reliable? ›

    Fortunately, the Ford Explorer is widely considered to be one of the most rugged and reliable vehicles sold today. This durability is one of the reasons why it's the vehicle of choice for law-enforcement agencies all over America.

    What is the lawsuit on the 2014 Ford Explorer? ›

    Drivers have claimed that when the air conditioning is turned on in the 2011-2015 Ford Explorers, exhaust gases leak in the passenger side. Further, they contend that the leak in the Ford Explorers and exposure to exhaust fumes have caused them and their families to experience chronic headaches.

    What is the problem with the 2014 Police Interceptor? ›

    1.) Constant issues with the headlight wiring which causes the headlights to go out. 2.) Code 1 driving is not advised as the transmission might stay in 2nd gear and it will not shift unless you turn the car completely off.

    What are police Ford Explorers called? ›

    To replace the CVPI, Ford introduced police variants of the sixth generation Taurus and fifth generation Ford Explorer in 2012 for the 2013 model year. The names for both cars were the Ford Police Interceptor Sedan and Ford Police Interceptor Utility, respectively.

    Are police Ford Explorers tuned? ›

    Police-Calibrated Powertrain

    All engine and transmission tuning parameters have been programmed specifically for pursuit driving. The transmission gearing will track with the driver's maneuvers to optimize response and performance.

    Why are so many police cars Ford Explorers? ›

    Summary. Ford's consistent performance and reputation have made it the top choice for law enforcement agencies, both in the United States and globally. Trust in the brand's reliable and durable vehicles has been built over decades, making Ford the go-to choice for police departments and first responders.

    What is special about a Police Interceptor? ›

    Further enhancing its pursuit capabilities, the 2025 PIU introduces a Manual Police Pursuit Mode, complementing the Automatic Pursuit Mode available in previous models. This new feature improves drivability and power delivery during critical scenarios, such as maneuvering through tight traffic conditions.

    How fast can a Ford Explorer Police Interceptor go? ›

    Ford Police Interceptor Utility: 150 mph

    Fast forward to the present day, and the police-spec Ford Explorer tops 150 miles per hour with the 3.0-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 and all-wheel drive. If this combo sounds familiar, that's because said engine is the very same 3.0-liter EcoBoost found in the Explorer ST.

    What is the gas mileage on a Ford Explorer Police Interceptor? ›

    **EPA-estimated Combined rating of 24 mpg. Interceptor Utility Standard HEV AWD.

    Are police interceptors a good buy? ›

    Rated safer when compared to many vehicles on the road. Police cars are manufactured with quality components such as brakes, shocks, fuel lines, suspensions, and more, each enhanced for great performance and longevity before entering police service.

    Are Ford Explorer police interceptors reliable? ›

    The Ford Police Interceptor Utility Reliability Rating is 2.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 26th out of 26 for midsize SUVs.

    What is special about Police Interceptor? ›

    Police Interceptor Utility (2012–present)

    It comes with an all-wheel drive powertrain, larger brake rotors, advanced ABS and traction control systems, a more efficient cooling system, emergency equipment fitments, and other standard equipment.

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